Villa Park High School (Villa Park, CA)
Classes of 1966, 1967, and 1968

This is the official web site for the Combined Reunions of these three Classes.

This page was revised on June 6, 2022.

The Alma Mater was composed by Villa Park's first band director, Don Buck. Here are the lyrics:

From azure hills to shimmering sea
Our school stands true to all.
Villa Park, our noble school of
Spartans, proud and tall;
Of blue and black and silver
Our colors do we sing;
The glory of our victories
The Spartan way shall ring!

When is the next Reunion?

Barring cancellation due to exigent circumstances, the 55th Reunion will be held on August 6, 2022 at the Alta Vista Country Club. The address is 777 Alta Vista St., Placentia, CA 92870. COVID restrictions are at the discretion of the venue. If the event is cancelled, we will reschedule it for the summer/fall of 2023. Refunds would be issued upon request, or we could hold your money for the following year.

This year, the Classes will still be combined on Saturday night. Each Class will have its own event on Friday night August 5. Locations will be sent to those paying to attend the Reunion on Saturday night. The Friday night venues need to know how many people to expect.

What events will take place?

Friday night, August 5th, we will hold a "Meet & Greet" at a different restaurant for each Class. Paid Reunion attendees will be emailed the location. Your Reunion ticket price includes appetizers at these events; you are on your own for drinks and/or dinner. There is no dress code.

Saturday evening, August 6, the doors to the Alta Vista Country Club will open at 7:00 PM. Dress will be "business casual" with blue, black, and/or silver recommended. From 7 to 8 we will get to know each other again. At 8:00 dinner will be served (as a buffet). During the evening a slideshow will be shown. At 9:00 "The Moods" will perform for the final time (they're retiring!), providing dance music for us. The evening will conclude at midnight.

How can I buy tickets?

Click on a link below. If you prefer to pay by check, please make it payable to VPHS Reunion and send it to VPHS Reunion, PO Box 720960, Pinon Hills, CA 92372-0960. Refunds will be issued if requested.

Price options
Name of guest (if any)

Do you have hotel information?

We have reserved a block of rooms at a local hotel (with suites). To receive a link for reservations, contact Bob Sperry. He will send you the details.

Who will attend?

To see a list of your classmates who have paid to attend, click here. Note that the venue restricts attendance to 250 guests.

Who is planning the 55th Reunion?

These are the members of the 55th Reunion Committee. Click on a name to send her or him an email message. Be sure to include the word "Reunion" in the subject line.

Dan Miller '66
Rick Poppenhusen '66
Dave Roark '66
Dennis Surles '66
Donna (Woodhouse) Tobin '66
Rick Dustin '67
Patt (McQuerry) Usary '67
Kelly (Shulenberger) Barbera '67
Dave Stephens '67
Kathy (Altheide) Grace '68
Roberta (Fletcher) Sperry '68
Rae Ann (Kline) Shearer '68
Bob Sperry '68
Don Winn '68 (Deceased)

Where are they now?

Here's how we keep track of you: We've been using to contact you for years, but it appears that most of our alumni are no longer using (too much spam). So we're now moving instead to CLASSREPORT.ORG -- it claims to have "No Ads, No Spam, No Pop-Ups, No Fees." In our experience, that has proven to be absolutely true. So please check in and register there. You can choose how much information to make available to the public. If you choose to make your email address public, then your friends and classmates will be able to reach you that way...for FREE!!! That's also where we get email addresses for Reunion mailings -- so it's important that your contact information is accurate!

If you move, please email Bob Sperry with your new address so that we don't lose you.

If you change your email address, be sure to tell Bob and update your CLASSREPORT.ORG account. If you've never been in contact with us, please send Bob your mailing address. He'll take you off the Lost Classmates list (see below).

If you know the whereabouts of anyone on the Lost Classmates lists [look up your siblings!], please update us on their status or tell us how to contact them. Send us an email. And make sure that you don't end up on one of those lists -- send email to the same place with your new address when you move.

Here are lists of everyone who graduated with you.

Entire Class of '66
Entire Class of '67
Entire Class of '68

Here are lists of all alumni that we can't find.

Class of '66 Lost Classmates
Class of '67 Lost Classmates
Class of '68 Lost Classmates

Here are yearbook pictures of our Classmates who have passed on.

1966 Deceased Classmates Photos
1967 Deceased Classmates Photos
1968 Deceased Classmates Photos

Where can I find more information?

Contact any member of the Reunion Committee. Just click on a name above and send an email.
Visit CLASSREPORT.ORG. Please register there. It's free. The Committee will be able to contact you.
Visit the Villa Park High School Website. But be warned: you won't find alumni information there.