Villa Park High School (Villa Park, CA)
Classes of 1966, 1967, and 1968

This is the official web site for the Combined Reunions of these three Classes.
This page was revised on August 17, 2017.

When is the next Reunion?


The 50th Reunion will be held the evening of September 9, 2017. It will be held at The Villa in Orange. If you can help us locate any classmates we've "lost," please tell us where to find them (see below). If you know that someone on our "Lost Classmates" list has died, please tell us so that we can honor her or him at the Reunion.

What events are planned?

Friday night, September 8th, we will hold a "Meet & Greet" at a local (Orange or Villa Park) restaurant. Each Class will meet at its own restaurant. The Committee will provide appetizers; attendees will pay for their own drinks. The restaurant will hold space for us from 5 to 7 PM and can hold only a limited number of patrons. No payment to the Committee is or will be required. An email has been sent to those who RSVP'd announcing which restaurant will host their Class. Note: Capacity has been reached for the Class of '67 on Friday night, and there is no room for additional people -- so please don't invite your friends to join you if they haven't already RSVP'd. There's still room for '66 and '68 classmates, however.

Saturday morning, the day of the Reunion, VPHS will take us on a guided tour of the campus. We'll meet at the flagpole in front of the school at 10:00 AM. The tour is slated to last no more than two hours. We have over 140 people scheduled, so we will have to break up into several tour groups. Again, for that reason, we are requesting that you RSVP to Bob Sperry if you plan to attend, and tell him how many will be in your party. We have not placed a limit on how many people can be accommodated for the tours.

Saturday evening the doors to The Villa will open at 6:00 PM. From 6 to 7 we hope each Class will meet together and take group pictures. At 7:00 we'll start eating dinner (it's a buffet). Tables will not be reserved; you can sit with whomever you want, from any Class. The bar will be hosted. At 8:00 we'll show a video, reminding us of some of the things we used to do in high school. At 9:00 "The Moods" will be performing for us. While not required, dancing is recommended. The evening will conclude at 11:00, when curfew sets in and The Villa closes. The Committee has decided against establishing a dress code. We will be happy to see you as long as you wear something! But if you haven't already paid, we cannot allow you into The Villa. It's full!

We are leaving Sunday up to you. You may want to make arrangements to spend more quality time with friends you reconnected with on Friday or Saturday, or you might want to simply go home. We thought leaving the decision up to you would work better than planning another organized event.

Where can I stay?

If you're traveling a great distance from Orange and are looking for a hotel, here is a list of hotels that are near The Villa. Be sure to ask about discounts such as AAA, AARP, etc. The closest hotel is 2.2 miles away. None offer shuttles to The Villa, and none offer free airport shuttles. Click on each hotel name to view the amenities offered, as well as varying room rates. Be sure to enter the dates you'll want to stay.

Who will attend?

To see a list of your classmates who have paid to attend, click here.

How can I buy my tickets?

You can't. The Villa has 300 chairs, and we have 300 people paid. There's no more room! If you drop by the night of the Reunion hoping to get in, we'll have to turn you away. Sorry!

Who is planning the 50th Reunion?

These are the members of the 50th Reunion Committee. Click on a name to send her or him an email message. Be sure to include the word "Reunion" in the subject line.

Sandee (Burbank) Mann '66
Karen (Hamada) Mount '66
Dan Miller '66
Sharyn (Vance) Buscaglio '66
Donna (Woodhouse) Tobin '66
Sonny Bryant '67
Rick Dustin '67
Patt (McQuerry) Usary '67
Dave Stephens '67
Kathy (Altheide) Grace '68
Roberta (Fletcher) Sperry '68
Rae Ann (Kline) Shearer '68
Bob Sperry '68
Don Winn '68

Where are they now?

Here's how we keep track of you: Every now and then (usually during summer) we send out emails to all of our alumni for whom we have addresses. We've been using to contact you for years, but it appears that most of our alumni are no longer using (too much spam). So we're now moving instead to CLASSREPORT.ORG -- it claims to have "No Ads, No Spam, No Pop-Ups, No Fees." In our experience, that has proven to be absolutely true. So please check in and register there. You can choose how much information to make available to the public. If you choose to make your email address public, then your friends and classmates will be able to reach you that way...for FREE!!!

In preparation for the 50th Reunion, Bob Sperry '68 sent out invitations by email to everyone for whom we have addresses, both on and by direct email. In addition, he mailed invitations to everyone else for whom he had Postal Service addresses. If he has your address by either means, you received an invitation. If you never received such a message, then we don't know how to contact you.

If you move, please email Bob Sperry with your new address so that we don't lose you. If you change your email address, be sure to tell Bob and update your CLASSREPORT.ORG account. If you've never been in contact with us, please send Bob your mailing address. He'll take you off the Lost Classmates list (see below).

If you know the whereabouts of anyone on the Lost Classmates lists [look up your siblings!], please update us on their status or tell us how to contact them. Send us an email. And make sure that you don't end up on one of those lists -- send email to the same place with your new address when you move.

Here are the lists (they will be updated whenever new information is received):

Class of '66 Lost Classmates
Class of '67 Lost Classmates
Class of '68 Lost Classmates

Where can I find more information?

Contact any member of the Reunion Committee. Just click on a name above and send an email.
Visit CLASSREPORT.ORG. Please register there. It's free. The Committee will be able to contact you.
Visit the Villa Park High School Website. But be warned: you won't find alumni information there.