Villa Park High School (Villa Park, CA)
Classes of 1966, 1967, and 1968

This is the official web site for the Combined Reunions of these three Classes.
This page was revised on July 1, 2016.

When is the next Reunion?

The 50th Reunion will be held the evening of September 9, 2017. It will be held at The Villa in Orange. If you can help us locate any classmates we've "lost," please tell us where to find them (see below). If you know that someone on our "Lost Classmates" list has died, please tell us so that we can honor her or him at the Reunion.

When was the last Reunion?

The three combined classes held our 45th Reunion (46th for the Class of 1966, 45th for '67, and 44th for '68) on Saturday evening, August 4, 2012. That time we met at the Planes of Fame Air Museum in Chino. 156 people attended and had a wonderful time. Just ask them!

Included in our ticket price was admission to the Museum's August Living History Flying Day event the morning of our Reunion day. This event was about "Bombers of the 8th Army Air Force." Included was a lecture by experts in the field, followed by a flying demonstration of the Museum's own B-25 bomber.

For the Reunion, we enjoyed a barbecue dinner and spent the warm evening reminiscing with our classmates. Cost was $35 if tickets were purchased before July 1, and $50 per person after that and at the door.

Who was there?

Here is the list of the 156 people who attended. Here are some photos that were taken by those who were there. We sincerely hope that you will be on that list for the 50th Reunion in 2017!

Who is planning the 50th Reunion?

These are the members of the 50th Reunion Committee. Click on a name to send her or him an email message. Be sure to include the word "Reunion" in the subject line.

Sandee (Burbank) Mann '66
Karen (Hamada) Mount '66
Dan Miller '66
Sharyn (Vance) Buscaglio '66
Donna (Woodhouse) Tobin '66
Sonny Bryant '67
Rick Dustin '67
Patt (McQuerry) Usary '67
Alan Sheldon '67
Dave Stephens '67
Kathy (Altheide) Grace '68
Roberta (Fletcher) Sperry '68
Rae Ann (Kline) Shearer '68
Bob Sperry '68
Don Winn '68

Where are they now?

Here's how we keep track of you: Every now and then (usually during summer) we send out emails to all of our alumni for whom we have addresses. We've been using to contact you for years, but it appears that most of our alumni are no longer using (too much spam). So we're now moving instead to CLASSREPORT.ORG -- it claims to have "No Ads, No Spam, No Pop-Ups, No Fees." In our experience, that has proven to be absolutely true. So please check in and register there. You can choose how much information to make available to the public. If you choose to make your email address public, then your friends and classmates will be able to reach you that way...for FREE!!!

In preparation for the 45th Reunion, Bob Sperry '68 sent out invitations by email to everyone for whom we have addresses, both on and by direct email. In addition, he mailed invitations to everyone else for whom he had Postal Service addresses. If he has your address by either means, you received an invitation. If you never received such a message, then we don't know how to contact you, and we can't invite you personally to the 50th Reunion.

If you move, please email Bob Sperry with your new address so that we don't lose you. If you change your email address, be sure to tell Bob and update your CLASSREPORT.ORG account. If you've never been in contact with us, please send Bob your mailing address. He'll take you off the Lost Classmates list (see below).

If you know the whereabouts of anyone on the Lost Classmates lists [look up your siblings!], please update us on their status or tell us how to contact them. Send us an E-Mail. And make sure that you don't end up on one of those lists -- send E-Mail to the same place with your new address when you move.

Here are the lists (they will be updated whenever new information is received):

Class of '66 Lost Classmates
Class of '67 Lost Classmates
Class of '68 Lost Classmates

Where can I find more information?

Contact any member of the Reunion Committee. Just click on a name above and send an email.
Visit CLASSREPORT.ORG. Please register there. It's free. The Committee will be able to contact you.
Visit the Villa Park High School Website. But be warned: you won't find alumni information there.