Who attended the 50th Reunion?
(Revised 09/17/2017)

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NeSmith, Nancy (OHS)

1966 Alumni    1965    1967    1968    1971    Top    Home

Anderson (Kenefick), Susie and Jack Kenefick
Araujo (Hernandez), Rosie and Rose Hernandez
Bailey, Jeannie
Barker, Tom
Black, Marie
Bova (Fagg), Donna
Burbank (Mann), Sandee
Buscaglio, Joe
Caley (Booth), Lolita
Conover, Helen
Cort (Seabold), Katie
Cranmer, Mary
Creel, Michael and Debbie
Day, Larry
Denton (Clement), Anne
Dillow (Crider), Susie
Donovan, Maureen
Donovan, Mike
Fields (Powell), Linda
Fisher (Spano), Conee
Freeman, John and Pat
Fusco (Kinsley), Jan
Ginesi, Mike
Green, Terry
Hamada (Mount), Karen
Hanmer, Bob
Harleman (Lopez), Randi
Headley, Martin and Jenessa
Hill, Tom and Terry
Huddle (Tagliamento), Betsy and John Tagliamento
Just, Mary Jo
Kirby (Parks), Susan
Kline (Hanmer), Teri
Koppes, Steve and Bonnie Carpenter
Lan Franco, Alan
Lanier, Sid
LaShier (Giraldin), Vicki
Looney (Michel), Maureen
Lozano, Rudy and Carol
Marolf (Bryant), Judy and Robert Corl
Martin (Deakman), Ann
Maxfield (Faulk), Cheryl
Maynard (Colt), Cathy and Lockwood Colt
McNealy, Steve
Metz (Hassey), Tandy
Miller, Dan and Kristine
Morris, Vance and Veronica
Nielsen (Scherer), Shirley and Don Scherer
O'Dell (Day), Diane
Patterson (Salway), Sandi
Poppenhusen, Rick
Powell, Mike
Roark, Dave
Rose, Steve
Schady (Edwards), Susan and Dennis Edwards
Seabold, Dennis
Smith (Lansford), Randi and Wayne Lansford
Stracker, Bill and Kathy Caswell
Surmeier (Brooks), Georgette and William Brooks
Tanner, Dave and Linda
Todd, Darrell and Leona
Tully (Robinson), Kathy
Vance (Buscaglio), Sharyn
Villoni, Don
Webber (Pamplin), Sue and Jim Webber
Williams, Roger
Woodhouse (Tobin), Donna and Byron Tobin

1967 Alumni    1965    1966    1968    1971    Top    Home

Alongi, Phyllis
Artle (Brown), Portia and Larry Brown
Back (Heine), Pat
Baldwin (Lowry), Patti and Steve Lowry
Barnett (Wendoll), Donna and Jim Wendoll
Brande, Joy
Brening (Olsen), Kathi
Brinkman, Jackie
Brown, John and Nancy Johnson
Bryant, Sonny
Bukamier, Gary
Burbridge, Bill and Vivian (Statsmann '69)
Caballero (Goodreau), Rachel and Ken Goodreau
Campbell, Pat and Guest
Cliff, Diane
Cole, Dean and Marianne
Collett, Martin and Diana
Conder, Stan and Donna
Corcoran, Donna
Dabek (Steiner), Jan
Dahleen (Lauridsen), Nancy
Dahlin, Douglas
Daniels (Schmidt), Penny
DeLapp, Duncan and Jan
Dunne, Ray
Dustin, Rick and Laurie
Dworzan (Clawson), Marilyn
Dybas (Payne), Cheryl
Dybas, Wayne
Eaton (Grant), Joyce
Edoff (Tardie), Linda and Doug Albin
Erlandson, Bud
Fautz, Ted
Feldman, George
Fickle, Randy
Gaby, Dennis
Gibbon, Chuck
Gildea (Sharits), Diane
Hamner (Binder), Karen and Michael Binder
Haynes, Richard
Hill (Christianson), Janet
Hillman, Randy
Hofer (Villani), Carol
Hoffman (Lanier), Phyllis
Holland (Engelman), Diane
Howell (Bender), Terry
Hoyt (Reeder), Linda and Michael Reeder
Kellar (Paulus), Cyndee
Khury (Richman), Marie and Dennis Richman
Kinsman, Tim and Carol Ducommun
Kirby (Rakowsky), Patricia
Kirlin (Kirlin-Hackett), Susan
Lauridsen, Jeff
Loh, Dora
Long, Bill and Sharon
Lopez-Bonk (Erskine), Balencia
Martinez, Raul and Sherry
McNames, Bill
McQuerry (Usary), Patt and Danny Usary
Melsheimer, Bruce
Mercier (Chamberlain), Sarah and John Chamberlain
Morris, Susan
NeSmith (Gull), Lucy and George Gull
Olson (Straub), Judy
Oswald (Beckham), Julie and Geoff Beckham
Ott (Clark), Anita
Peeler (Martin), Sandy and Rex Martin
Petersen (McKelvey), Carlene and Robert McKelvey
Preston, Ron and Patti
Reese, Cindy
Riddick (Dorsey), Linda and Jim Dorsey
Rovelsky, Gerry and Valerie
Sanders (Chapman), Carol
Sanders, Steve
Sandford, Mike
Schrepfer (Frazier), Kathy and Mark Frazier
Shear, Mike
Shulenberger (Barbera), Kelly
Small (Patterson), Marla and Russell Patterson
Smiley, John and Jackie
Snyder (Baggott), Carol and Don Baggott
Stephens, Dave and DeeDee
Storm, Eric and Brenda Reid
Tait (Arnquist), Pru and Mark Arnquist
Terry (Arnett), Brenda and Jerry Arnett
Thoms, Hal
Thurber, Mark
Todd, Stephen
Turner (Lancaster), Cathleen and Gary Lancaster
Veltri, Frank and Marit
Villoni (Henriquez), Laura
Walkowiak, John
Wickersheim, Dan and Vicky
Williamson (Hovard), Meri
Woods, Diane
Yankowski (O'Leary), Lin

1968 Alumni    1965    1966    1967    1971    Top    Home

Altheide (Grace), Kathy
Baldwin (Grayson), Bobbie and Tom Grayson
Berhens, Bernie and Barbara [EMHS]
Bell, William
Brant, Dave and Peggy
Budd (Curren), Lois and Bill Curren
Buffington (Donovan), Karen [EMHS]
Cable (Thornton), Sheila
Carren, Don and Debbie
DeMerschman (Dressel), Karen
Donan, Debbie
Dustin, Paul [EMHS]
Eaton (Maynard), Connie
Ellingson, Steve
Finkle, Peter
Fletcher (Sperry), Roberta
Foster, Joel and Carol
Franklin (Brassett), Cindy
Gribble (Buxton Dakides), Patty
Hamada (Crane), Ellen
Hutchison, Rich
Jenkins (Kerins), Debbe and Pat Kerins
Joos (Speer), Gerri
Kline (Shearer), Rae
Leigh (Oliverio), Jacki and Richard Oliverio
McClimans (Altevers), Bev
Miller (Ragle), Mary and Grant Ragle
Pastore, Tom
Pinedo, Willie and Lidia
Quist (Whitehead), Kathy and David Whitehead
Riff (Johnson), Carrie
Riff (Messner), Laurie
Roberts (Welch), Marcia
Rose, Don
Ryssman (Mitchell), Patti and William Mitchell
Sperry, Bob
Stahler, John
Tanner, Jim
Townsend, Rick and Lynnette
Vallandigham, Bob [EMHS]
West, Luthie [EMHS]
Winn, Don
Wiseman, Pat [EMHS]
Wright (Alford), Susan
Zard, Rex and Beaky Grove

1971 Alumni    1965    1966    1967    1968    Top    Home

Pietrok (Linehan), Karen

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